What's in the Ebook?

This 10-step ebook will walk you through the process to set the foundation for a thriving bakery.

You'll Learn

1. Why you need a vision for your bakery and how to work backwards to accomplish it
2. To foster the right mindset from transitioning from 'baking as a hobby' to 'baking to make some dough!'
3. Five steps to truly set yourself apart from your competitors
4. A simplified marketing strategy that only requires 90 minutes a week
5. How to use our calculator to price your baked goods to turn a profit


Running a successful bakery takes a whole lot more than just baking skills.

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About the Author

Tim-188Belinda Monpremier's professional mission is to empower bakeries with knowledge and tools to help them gain more customers and keep those customers coming back!

One thing about her is that she has never done things conventionally. She has always pursued her passions and followed them fully, without any regrets. Her career has been quite amazing and it has opened her eyes to my what truly energizes her- Customer acquisition and retention! Really, what motivates her is to create innovative strategies for businesses so that they can see their companies grow by developing a loyal customer base.

With Cakeish she is specializing even more within the vast world of entrepreneurship. This time, she is helping home-based and storefront bakeries get more customers and keep them!