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donut-791837_640Planning a wedding, a birthday party or any type of special event is an exciting time, filled with a multitude of time-consuming tasks. Cakeish is your one-stop-shop that simplifies the overwhelming search for a delicious and picture-perfect cake and other sweet treats for your next celebration.

And if you are really swamped for time, check out Cakeish’s top 10 bakeries for your city. We’ve curated the absolute best bakeries that excel in baking stunning and delectable desserts all while providing a first-rate customer service experience.



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The Cakeish search bar will help you find dozens of highly-curated bakeries across your city! Indulge in our cake ‘eye candy’ and pick the bakeries that catch your eye and meet your budget.

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Once you’ve found the bakeries that you love and want to discover, send them a message from the Cakeish site and voila! You are almost ready to have a delightful cake (cupcake, cookie, pie or whatever you fancy) experience!
The Bakeries will get back to you within 24-48 hours to confirm that they’ve received your inquiry and will closely work with you to make sure that your order is fulfilled to perfection. order_it