In our gluten-free-vegan-nut-free world, searching for something as simple as a delectable custom cake or dessert for a birthday party or wedding is FAR from a piece of cake. Yes, you can do a Google Search for ‘Best Naked Wedding Cake in Toronto’ but even Google misses out on those awesome bakeries, with stellar reputations, who may not have an actual website.

Cakeish’s mission is to make finding the perfect cake, as well as other tasty desserts, simple and more fun.

How have we managed to do that, you ask?

Actually, pretty simply. We’ve centralized all bakeries in Ontario in one lovely (and might we say, gorgeous) place (aka, where cake discoveries can happen… Easily.

Organically. Effortlessly.

So, when you are actually looking for those ‘Nut and dairy-free cupcakes that are moderately priced’ just plug it and let Cakeish help you find your next delicious dessert!