35 Edible Wedding Favours that will be Feasted on Instead of Thrown Out

Edible Wedding Favours A Wedding favour is one of those things that is an important gesture of gratitude that you shower upon your guests to say ‘Thank You for supporting us on our big day!’ But let’s be real, once your big day is over, most wedding favours end up sitting on some shelf in […]

Edible Wedding Favours

A Wedding favour is one of those things that is an important gesture of gratitude that you shower upon your guests to say ‘Thank You for supporting us on our big day!’ But let’s be real, once your big day is over, most wedding favours end up sitting on some shelf in a dingy room at the far end of the basement collecting dust.

OR, your guests simply don’t even bother leaving with one, so you end with 100 of them in your own basement collecting dust.

OR, they toss the damn thing in the trash!

Instead of sending your guests home with trinkets that they will never use or simply throw in the garbage, how about you give them something edible?

Most people will appreciate an edible wedding favour that they can devour on their way home from your festive celebration, or once they gather themselves the following morning from their hang-over!
Check out these 35 edible wedding favours for some inspiration!

1. Gourmet Popcorn: Get things poppin’ with a delicious popcorn blend. Popcorn can be an inexpensive edible wedding favour that your guests can enjoy once they get home. It keeps well over time and you can get imaginative with flavour options.

{Image Credit: Leaf Photo}

2. Cookies: You can never, ever, ever go wrong with some decadent cookies! Get uber creative with a design that is representative of you as a couple or keep it simple with some of your favourite grocery store cookies. Make sure you package everything in something sexy to make the cookie experience even more enticing.

{Image Credit: Cookies Sweet Bakes}

3. Donuts: If there is one food trend that is still going strong it is definitely donut mania. Donuts are a nice gesture that your guests will love to enjoy the following morning with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate. You can splurge on some gourmet ones or keep it simple with some Krispy Kreme or Tim Horton Donuts!

{Image Credit: Mavora on Etsy}

4. Mason jar dessert: A few years ago I thought that the Mason Jar hysteria that was going on was fading away, but people are still raving about them. You can get creative with what you fill them with, from cakes to cheesecakes or even ingredients from your favourite recipe so that your guests can make their own desserts at home.

{Image Credit: My Cakies}

5. Cookie mix: Whatever you can do to simplify people’s lives is always a plus. Fill a jar with the ingredients from your family cookie recipe and not only will your guests have a fun weekend activity to do, but they will also have some tasty snacks that they can proudly claim to have made from scratch!

{Image Credit: Brazos Valley Bride}

6. Honey + Granola: For health buffs, honey and granola is such a fantastic edible wedding favour! If you feel up to the challenge, you can make the granola yourself and also get some locally sourced honey that your guests will enjoy.

{Image Credit: Design Sponge}

7. S’mores kit: For DIY brides and grooms, S’mores Kits wedding favours are a fun project that will keep your budget on track and let your guests toast a whole lot more than champagne on your big day. Here are a few cool ideas to jazz up your S’mores Kits

{Image Credit: Elizabeth Ann Designs}

8. Hot Cocoa Mix: Hot Cocoa Mix is a wonderful wedding favour for a winter wedding. From white chocolate to dark chocolate you can jazz things up with marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate chips and pieces of your favourite chocolate!

{Image Credit: Wonderfully Made by Leslie}

9. Cake Pops: Exquisite cake pops are sweet little treats, all dressed up in chocolate tuxedos, glitter, and edible pearls as little brides and grooms. You can keep it simple by choosing to dress up your cake pop in an accent colour from your wedding or with a funky design.

{Image Credit: VIP Event Consultants}

10. Macarons: Macarons are French confections that will never go out of style, simply because they are so fancy and chic. They come in a variety of flavours that range from classic ones filled with vanilla to exotic ones like almond-pistachio macarons filled with mango.

{Image Credit: Blue Bouquet Bride}

11. Jam: Another seasonal edible wedding favour that you can make in the fall after you’ve harvested your fruits! If you have a tested and true recipe, this is your opportunity to share it with your guests on your wedding day. And if you want to elevate your gift to the next level, add a mini baguette with the jam for a breakfast treat.edible_wedding_favour-_jam

{Image Credit: Celebration }

12. Candied Apple: You might be inclined to think that candied apples are only for kids but don’t get sucked in to that idea. Candied apples bring out the kids in everyone with their playful allure and their sweetness. You can order them from local dessert shops or decide to take on a DIY project by making them yourself.

{Image Credit: Daffy Farms}

13. Marshmallows: Marshmallows are splendid for weddings mostly because they’re unusual, fun, and colorful. They can be bought or made a week or two in advance, unlike cupcakes and other baked goods. And if you are planning a destination wedding, you can easily travel with them.

{Image Credit: 240 Sweets}

14. Custom Chocolate: If you want a safe edible wedding favour that will ALWAYS be eaten, opt for some custom chocolate. Today’s custom chocolate flavours are endless, so it is a perfect way to infuse elements of what you love and who you are as a couple in a gift that you offer your guests.

{Image Credit: Askinosie}

15. Candy in a Jar: For frugal brides, candy in a jar is a great way to respect your budget all while doing something that is fun. To keep costs low you can go to Bulk Barn or another bulk food store to get your candy in large quantity. Use fun accessories such as bows, labels and fabric to add some pizzazz to the jar.

{Image Credit: Dreaming All Day}

16. Seasonal Fruit: Seasonal fruit as a wedding favour will definitely be a gift that your guests will remember. To make it unique to your event, you can get your fruit monogramed or put it in a nice bag that can be reused.

{Image Credit: Weddings by Lilly}

17. Mini Pies: Unless you are a seasoned baker, making a whole bunch of mini pies for your guests is probably not something you want to undertake before your wedding, but reach out to a local bakery to see if they can help you out. Mini pies are great for Fall and Winter weddings especially if you are able to fill them with seasonal fruit.

{Image Credit: Itsy Bell Studio}

18. Cinnamon Rolls: This edible wedding favour isn’t one that will keep for very long, but if you have an intimate wedding and want to give your guests something that they will devour, Cinnamon Rolls will be your BFFs. You can get them at the grocery store or make them at home and packaged them nicely for your guests to enjoy them.

{Image Credit: Sweet E’s Bakeshop}

19. Ice Cream: Ice Cream is definitely not the first edible wedding favour that most people think of, but it probably should be!!! Who doesn’t love some delicious ice cream? Ecreamery offers an endless variety of ice cream flavours that you can pick from or customize!

{Image Credit: eCreamery}

20. Bagels: Fresh bagels are to-die-for! They are cheap to get and so delightful to eat. Get them from your favourite local bakery to share something that you love with your wedding guests. You can also add a small container of jam or homemade nut-butter and a knife to make it something that they can enjoy immediately and without fuss.

{Image Credit: Evermine Blog}

21. Toffee: There are certain times when a little something extra puts an event over the top, and offering some toffee as a wedding favour will certainly do that. Pick a unique package design that will delight and impress your wedding guests.

{Image Credit: Sealed with a Kiss}

22. Fresh Bread: Fresh bread is one of those edible wedding favours that WILL be eaten. You can some mini baguettes from your local bakery and package them with a tea towel and wrap them in twine to give it some rustic charm.

{Image Credit: Kate Harrison Photography}

23. Baklava: If you really want a unique edible wedding favour that will wow your guests, you can pick a delicious box of Turkish Baklava. Stylish little boxes of Turkish baklava treats make the perfect treat for special occasions.

Edible Wedding Favour- Baklava
{Image Credit: Not On the High Street}

24. Mini Cakes: Why not send some mini cakes home with your guests? Is there such a thing as having too much cake? I don’t think so! And mini cakes are the perfect edible wedding favour that your guests will definitely not throw in the trash.

{Image Credit: Style Sweet}

25. Pretzel: Chocolate covered pretzels are such yumminess; you can rest assured that your guests will definitely devour your hard work!

{Image Credit: And They Cooked Happily Ever After}

26. Mini Champagne: If you have a small wedding or an unlimited budget, you can send your guests home with mini bottles of bubbly so that they can continue the festivities once they get home.

{Image Credit: Moet}

27. Bloody Mary Kits: If you can get your hands on some Bloody Mary mix, throw in a mini bottle of vodka for easy access so that your guests can easily whip up a Bloody Mary at home!

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{Image Credit: Scheme Wedding and Event Decor}

28. Whoopie Pies: If you want to offer your guests something that will keep them talking way after your wedding day, package some yummu whoppie pies in a fancy box. They’ll eat them up without a fuss and you can rest assured that your dollars will not have been wasted.


29. Fudge: Awwwww, fudge! Sooooo delectable. Sooooo creamy. Sooooo phenomenal!! Your guests will truly relish in this edible wedding favour. You can make it yourself with some amazing recipes or buy them from the grocery store or a local bakery.

{Image Credit: Abernethy Butter Company}

30. Tea: Tea is all the rage these days especially with so many different tea options available. You can be super creative in how you package it, going all out and getting some custom tins made or keep it really simple by putting some of your favourite tea bags in some Dollar Store mugs.

edible wedding favour tea
{Image Credit: Simple Big Day}

31. BBQ Sauce: If you are planning a summer wedding, BBQ Sauce wedding favour can be a great take home gift for your guests. You can include one of your favourite chicken or beef recipe with the sauce and have some instructions on how to use it!

{Image Credit: Brides}

32. Pickled Veggies: Pickled Veggies make a unique edible wedding favour that will keep your guests buzzing. It’s a fun little DIY project that you can take on a few weeks before the big day and get your entire wedding party involved!

{Image Credit: Southern Wedding}

33. Cotton Candy: Cotton Candy is one fun wedding favour! You can be super creative and actually have a cotton candy bar at your event where your guests can pick the flavours that they love or you can have the cotton candy pre-packaged and ready to take home.

{Image Credit: SweetopiaCottonCandy}

34. Pistachios: Pistachios may not be for everyone but if it is one of your favourite things to eat, it is a healthy snack that you can offer your guests. Most will be delighted to be able to enjoy them as a treat on the days that follow your big day.

edible wedding favours pistachios
{Image Credit: Ever Mine}

35. Olive Oil: Gourmet Olive Oil makes a unique wedding favour that your guests will absolutely use. Olive Oil is perfect to cook and or drizzle on a salad or a meal. It can be an expensive edible wedding favour, especially if you get your olive oil imported from Europe.edible_wedding_favours-_olive_oil

{Image Credit: Pepper Design Blog}

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